This Week’s Featured Brand

This week’s featured brand is my OG brand MW House of Style! As you know this brand is near + dear to my heart for many reasons and is my true creative outlet when it comes to merging my love of colors + style. In 2022 be on the lookout for my pieces coming to a store near you! In addition to this news I have something else in the works (online exclusive) called the Lounge Lab. Be sure to follow my IG page (@mwhouseofstyle) for updates on when this will officially launch!

Manifest Mondays

What is Manifest Mondays? It’s a weekly segment in the Soulful Style VIP Group to share what you want to manifest this season and 1 action step you will take for the week to help with manifesting! Of course since Soulful Style is all about color + style your action can be something as simple as wearing your color revealed in the new or full moon cycle or wearing an outfit that resonates with your manifestation! Hop on over to the Facebook group and share + support manifesting through color + style.

December Full Moon Color Reading

I’m so excited to share the December (Gemini) Full Moon Color. It’s definitely fitting for the season and its meaning is the perfection transition into the new year. See the link below for the color reading. Soulful Style members get the full moon color reveal + your own personal color reading, commentary, and outfit ideas to manifest your needs!

For more information on the Soulful Style membership click below:

Commentary Preview: